Now that Louis has found out he has a daughter, he is ready to bond with her. They head to Mackinac Island off the point of Michigan. While out bike riding around the island, Louis and Lily spot an abandoned hunting lodge. Lily takes off to investigate. Louis calls for her to come back, when suddenly he hears Lily scream. Lily has fallen through the floorboards. Lily is fine but she has fallen on top of a pile of human bones.

Louis is asked to help with the investigation. This puts a cramp in Louis’s plans to spend time with his girlfriend, Joe.

Heart of Ice is the newest book from sisters, Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols otherwise known as P.J. Parrish. This book reads a little like it picks up from the prior book, however you don’t have to have read all of the prior books in order to jump right into this one.

My heart melts for a child in a book. Lily was no exception. She was sweet and very grown up like. I hope to see her again in the future. PI Kincaid is a good character. He not only was good at his job but I like the human qualities that he brings to the story. His relationship with Joe was not explored that much in this book. So fans of this series might be a little disappointed in this factor. However, I am sure that they will reconnect again in the next book. Heart of Ice is a new addition to this series.


When Louis discovers a daughter he never knew, little does he imagine that she’ll lead him to new evidence in a decades old murder case. Louis Kincaid finally has a few precious days to get to know the daughter he didn’t even know existed until a few months ago. He’s taking 10-year-old Lily on a trip to Michigan’s enchanting Mackinac Island. The picturesque Victorian island is getting ready to close down for the season, but Louis hopes to use the three days to build a bridge with Lily that will give him a role in her life. But when Lily takes a fall onto a pile of old bones in an abandoned hunting lodge, Louis’s vacation is cut short. When the island’s inexperienced police chief asks for his help on what turns out to be a stone cold case, Louis can’t help but accept. Little does he know that he’d be forced to cooperate with state investigator Norm Rafsky, who had worked with Louis’s lover Joe Frye fifteen years ago in nearby Echo Bay. When Joe decides to come to the island to help, she and Louis must confront the simmering tension between her and Rafsky, right at the time when he is hoping to rebuild his bridge with Joe.

HEART OF ICE will keep readers turning pages late into the night as they follow along with highly renowned detective Louis Kincaid. P.J. Parrish is actually the writing team of Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols—two sisters whose numerous New York Times and USA Today bestsellers include The Killing Song, The Little Death, South of Hell (nominated for a 2009 Anthony Award for Best Novel), A Thousand Bones, An Unquiet Grave (winner of the Shamus Award and the International Thriller Writers Award), and A Killing Rain. Kristy lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband, while Kelly lives in a cabin in her beloved home state of Michigan. Kristy and Kelly welcome visitors to their website at http://www.pjparrish.com .


Tina said…
I love, love this series. I can't wait to read this one. Thank you for the review :)

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