Lindsay is on her way to visit a friend. She rushes to the elevator only to run face first into a solid male chest of muscle. Once she removes herself from the chest she realizes that she is surrounded by three nice males.

Erik can sense that Lindsay is into him. Erik takes a chance and mysteriously invites Lindsay to a fun weekend. At first Lindsay thinks the invite is from her girlfriend and they are going to have a ladies weekend but once she realizes who the invite is from and that it is not a ladies weekend but more of a sexual one, will Lindsay accept?

In regards to erotic authors, Opal Carew is one of the best. She really knows how to spice things up and make me need a cool glass of water. There was no shortage of hot male flesh and foursomes in this book. Which sometimes I am not for foursomes or even threesomes for the fact that when you get these many people involved it just does not work well together. This can be a big problem. However I did not have to worry about this in this book.

The chemistry involving Lindsay, Erik, Travis, and Connor was good. However it was really obvious that the true sexual chemistry fell between Lindsay and Erik. This is where then I was fully invested in just Lindsay and Erik that it felt like then that Travis and Connor were the extra wheels in the group. For a woman like me who would never have the courage to voice out loud any type of sexual fantasies I might have, Erik’s secret would be perfect for me. To have a guy like him. My only other criticism is that Erik got to be a downer worrying about how Lindsay was going to react to his secret. Otherwise this was a good book.


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