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Romance novel: Forgive Yourself

By Allie Sager

Chapman, NE - July 8, 2010 - In Forgive Yourself by Allie Sager, a young woman

realizes how love can really be when she is guided to a stranger, and both their lives are changed forever.

Sager takes a journey on the path of true love guided by spiritual twists and turns in Forgive Yourself. Romance seems to have always eluded young and beautiful Sammy Logan, until one night, she encounters Connor Simpson, a handsome, enigmatic man who
is not her spouse. Struggling with guilt and longing, Sammy tries to put Connor out of her mind, but the attraction is too strong.

Unbeknownst to Sammy, she is being guided by a loved one from her past, a spirit that is showing her real love while protecting her from harm. As the spirit protects and guides Sammy, she discovers challenging secrets from both her and Connor's past that could impact their future.

Sager has said that she wanted to craft a novel with understanding that true love can exist. You can long for companionship that will bring heartbreak to the point that will never be understood. Based on a recurring dream that haunted her, Forgive Yourself aims to speak to the turmoil that comes with desire, and the shame that can go along with forbidden passion. A love story that begins in the past and continues to imprint the present, Sager says, " Forgive Yourself is for anyone who has ever fallen in love."

About the book:

Forgive Yourself by Allie Sager

ISBN: 978-1419695162

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Date of publish: June 14, 2008

Pages: 196

S.R.P.: $14.99

About the author:

Allie Sager is a poet, essayist and journalist with a passion and keen
insight for veterans' issues. A high spirited mother and grandmother,
she lives with her husband on a farm in Nebraska.

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