No Werewolves Allowed

Nyx Ciar is half-human and half-Drow. She and her good friend, Olivia are in business together. They are private investigators for paranormal crimes.

Dmitri Karl Beketov leader of he werewolf pack needs Nyx’s help. Someone or something is attacking and killing the werewolves. Already six werewolves have been mutilated.

Nyx calls on some of the best trackers that includes Dopplers, Shifters, Were, and Fae. Nyx finds some extra help in the form of Detective Adam Boyd. Things between Adam and Nyx are about to get hotter but they better watch their backs as the killer is out for blood.

No Werewolves Allowed is book two in the Night Tracker series. I have not read book one but I didn’t affect me from enjoying this book. Though, I did like this book so much that I plan to go back and read book one.

Urban fans will really like this series. It is dark and edgy. Nyx and Adam sizzled together. I liked Nyx’s character as a Drow. It was refreshing to have one of the main characters something different other then vampires and werewolves. This book may be titled No Werewolves Allowed but they are allowed in my home and on my bookshelf. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into book three, Vampires Not Invited.


The Bookworm said…
Hi Cheryl!
Great review ;) This does sound like an interesting series.

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