A Summer in Sonoma

Julie and her husband Billy are high school sweethearts. They fell in love, got married and started popping out kids. Julie is so sick and tried of constantly paying bills. Julie will receive the surprise of her life soon.

All Cassie is looking for is Mr. Right. She thought she found him but he turned out to be Mr. Wrong. In fact, he was so Mr. Wrong that Cassie was rescued by a knight on a Harley bike. His name is Walt Arneson. Cassie figures what can it hurt to hang out with Walt riding on his motorcycle, even if he is not the one or is he?

Marty and her husband, Guy have been married for a long time. Lately, Marty feels like the spark has gone out of their marriage for good. She is tempted be a younger man. Marty is at a crossroads. Which path will she choose?

Beth is a doctor. Her job is to treat and help heal people. Can Beth be strong when the tables are turned and the doctor becomes the patient?

I really enjoy reading Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. Mrs. Carr’s latest novel, A Summer in Sonoma is its own novel. It was a nice change and pace from the Virgin River series. I met four new friends in Cassie, Julie, Marty and Beth. I had a blast hanging out with these four ladies. Readers will relate to them all. My favorite two characters were Julie and Cassie. Julie because she was human and I could really relate to the head aches of always paying bills and Cassie because she is a pure delight to be around. If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot then travel to A Summer in Sonoma.


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