Meena Harper works as a script writer for a soap opera television show called Insatiable. Besides writing scripts for Insatiable, Mia has the unique ability to look at someone and tell that they are going to die. Of course, some people don’t think of this as cool but see Mia as a freak.

Mia’s boss wants Mia to incorporate a vampire as a long interest into the story line. Mia would rather jump off a ten story building then have anything to do with vampires. She is not impressed with them. Her boss wants her to do this as their rival soap opera; Lust has become a smash hit, since they jumped on the vampire band wagon.

Lucien Antonescu is the leader of the vampires. When he learns that he may have a rogue vampire on his hands, he decides to travel to America to take care of the issue himself. As soon as Lucien meets Meena he wants her. Can he convince her that he is the one for her?

Insatiable is the second book I have read by Meg Cabot. The first was a spin off from her popular series from The Princess Diaries. I have to admit that I like this darker side of Mrs. Cabot a lot better. Mia was just as intriguing a Lucien was. She had lots of personality. Lucien was mysterious and everything a vampire leader should be…powerful and the ability to swept woman off their feet. This story wasn’t just a romance story; there was also action and adventure thrown in the mix. Insatiable is a book you can really sink your teeth/fangs into…again and again.


Mystica said…
Sounds light! cover is very nice as well.

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