Sins of the Heart

When Roxy Tam was just nineteen she found herself trusting the wrong people and it almost cost her, her life. It wasn’t Roxy’s day to die. She vowed never to do that again and make sure what happened to her does not happen to someone else. Roxy fights for humans. She is not afraid of anyone.

Dagan Krayl is half human, half god. Dagan also has a reputation of being the best Underworld soul reaper. Or course, you won’t expect anything less from the Underworld God’s son. One of Dagan’s brother’s is murdered. It is nearly impossible to kill a soul reaper. Dagan goes on a rampage to find the person responsible. Dagan teams up with Roxy. This is when the passion ignites.

Sins of the Heart is book one in the Otherkin trilogy. Both Roxy and Dagan are equally matched. They work well together. Roxy is tough and can kick some butt. You want to hate Dagan for who he is but you can’t because he is too good looking. The intensity between Roxy and Dagan is almost too hot for words. This book is darker and more gruesome then some of the usual urban fantasy novels. I really liked this. Though, if you are weak in the belly there are a few scenes that may make you have an upset tummy. If you are tried of boring, old vampires then you should check out Sins of the Heart.


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