Check out this cool book that I discovered on Lisa Roe's Blog. She is also hosting a contest for a gift certificate to Harlequin. Hurry as contest ends Aug 1.

MANIFEST: A Mystyx Novel
by Artist Arthur

Chapter One:
"I can't hear you. I can't hear you," I repeat, talking to myself. Maybe if I keep saying it the voice will go away. I know people driving by me probably think I'm a lunatic.

My feet are moving so fast I barely feel them touch the ground. Cool air slaps my face like it's trying to remind me that I'm outside. It's almost spring according to the calendar, but it still feels like the dead of winter in Lincoln. Probably because we're so close to the water.

Whatever. I'm cold and I think it's beginning to rain. But I don't care. I just want to get home, inside the house, to the safety of my room. It won't follow me there.
I can't believe it followed me here. I ignored it in New York. You'd think it would have the good sense to stay in the city where there's a little excitement. Why follow me here to the ends of the earth where everyone acts like they're sleepwalking most of the time?

**Author Appearance**
Book Launch Party!
Tues, July 27th @ 2pm
Lansdowne Library
500 3rd Avenue
Lansdowne, MD
Reading, talk, and giveaway of a huge gift basket filled with goodies!


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