Lumby on the Air

Mark and Pam Walker are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary. They have invited their whole families. First Mark’s sister, Lynn and her prized cat, Coco arrive. This comes as a huge surprise as Lynn’s ex-husband embezzled money from Mark. Next comes Pam’s mother and…boyfriend! Then comes Mark’s sister, Nancy with her husband, Carter and son, Corey. Finally, Mark’s older brother Patrick, his wife, Elaine and their daughter Jessica arrive. The town of Lumby will never be the same again.

Lumby on the Air is the fifth novel in the Lumby series. It can be read as a stand alone novel. This book had all my favorite people as well as new characters. This book didn’t really focus on the town of Lumby, so much as it did Mark and Pam’s crazy family. I thought my family was a little crazy but after meeting Mark’s, I realized I would rather choose my family over his. Some of my favorite moments involved Coco. Coco may be a prized, exotic cat but she is a country girl at heart. There was the time when Coco was assaulted and chosen as a raccoon’s love slave or the moment when Coco made a friend with Old Jesse, the bull. Of course, I can’t forget The Lumby Line newspaper. Always good for a few laughs. All the arguing in this story did get on my nerves some. This book missed a bit of the sparkle of the Lumby Lines, the first book I tried and read in this series but I still can’t get enough of Mark, Pam and the rest of the town of Lumby. I plan to check out the next lumby novel. Lumby on the Air has made a permanent landing on my bookshelf.


Mystica said…
I like family sagas and specially normal families with hidden secrets etc! would look out for this.

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