The Chill of Night

Detective Michael McCabe receives a phone call to come down to the pier. A woman’s body has been found in the trunk of an abandoned car. The woman is attorney Lainie Goff. Detective McCabe knows the first several hours are critical in a murder case. That is why McCabe jumps into his investigation right away.

McCabe comes upon one witness but there is just one problem…she is considered crazy. Her name is Abby Quinn. As McCabe digs into who Lainie was, he enters a dark world. Also can he figure out what is real versus fake with Abby?

The Chill of Night is the second novel by Mr. Hayman. The Cutting was his first. I have to admit that I liked The Chill of Night a little better. This is because I got to know Detective McCabe better and really liked him. He wasn’t just a character. He was also a human, who experienced things just like the rest of us like…dealing with his ex-wife and finding more time to spend with his daughter. I like that McCabe’s never quit attitude and dedication to his job. The only criticism I had with this book was that I wanted to killer to be a bit more prominent in this story. I wanted to get to know the killer, so that I could fully understand who McCabe was up against. The Chill of Night will give you chills.


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