Let me shout...Hell Yeah!

Cathy O’Dell is the new owner of the Honky Tonk bar. She brought it from her cousin, Daisy from I Love This Bar. Cathy loves being the owner of the Honky Tonk. She meets some interesting people.

Travis Henry is in town temporary for a few months. He is helping out working at the oil rig site. Travis kicks the New Year off with a bang, when he kisses Cathy. Travis thinking that Cathy was just a waitress at the bar, gets a big surprise when he discovers that Cathy is the owner.

At first Cathy wants no part of Travis. Travis can’t stop thinking about Cathy and the kiss they shared. Will Cathy find her happy ending or heart ache?

Hell Yeah is the latest honky tonk novel from author, Carolyn Brown. The best thing about these books are the sexy cowboys. I like Cathy. I found her to be spunky like Daisy. I was not expecting this as Cathy seemed a little on the quiet side in I Love This Bar. I won’t mind a tall, dark stranger kissing me if he looked like Travis. Travis is the type of guy that would make all your girl friends jealous. Travis and Cathy shared a good connection. Though I thought the attraction between them was a little slow to get started. I liked this book but found it some of the sparkle from the previous book was missing in this one. Carolyn Brown does for the book world…what wrangler jeans does for cowboys…they are both a perfect fit!


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