The Bikini Car Wash

Andrea “Andi” Wolkowicz left the big city and her corporate job for the simple life in Plainview to care for her sister, Angela “Jelly” and her father. Andi knows she needs to get a job to help support her family.

Pete Guthie is the owner of Guthie Foods, local supermarket. When Pete first comes in contact with Andi, things don’t go smoothly.

Andi comes up with the perfect idea to reopen her father’s old car wash business. This car wash will have a twist. Hence…Plainview Bikini Wash and Wax. Things are about to heat up or cool down in Plainview.

Pamela Morsi has just become one of my favorite new authors. The Bikini Car Wash is the second book I have read by this author. I couldn’t get enough of Andi, Jelly, Pete and the rest of the town folks of Plainview. Andi’s take no attitude was great. Jelly was so bubbly and full of joy. It was easy to see why everyone couldn’t resist Jelly. I am so glad Pete turned out to be a nice guy. The best part of this book was the reactions from the little old church ladies when Andi opened the bikini car wash. The Bikini Car Wash is the perfect summer read. If you haven’t tried Pamela Morsi then what are you waiting for?


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