The Summer of Skinny Dipping

Sixteen year old, Mia Gordon and her family head to the Southampton’s for the summer. They are staying with Mia’s Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Rufus and their daughter Corinne.

Mia is hoping this is just the thing to get her mind off her break up with her boyfriend. At first Mia is taken back by how much things have changed. Mia remembers how close Corinne and her mother were and all the good times she and Corinne shared together. Now, Corinne and her mother argue all the time and Corinne and Mia travel in different circles. Corinne has become quite the rebel. Mia leaves left out.

While attending a party, Mia meets and strikes an instant friendship with a mysterious and intelligent boy named Simon Ross. Soon, Mia is taking late night skinny dipping swims with Simon and long talks on the beach about their future.

The Summer of Skinny Dipping is author, Amanda Howells debut novel. The Summer of Skinny Dipping is the perfect summer beach read. You don’t have to be just a young adult to enjoy this book; you just have to be young at heart. This book is a good coming of age story. It was nice to see Mia break out of her shell and grow. Simon is much maturer then his age. What I most liked about Mia and Simon is that they were real. They didn’t really care about getting in with the in crowd. It was just them and the ocean. Treat yourself and pick up a copy of this book today.


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