Farm Fatate

Matt Locke is a newspaper reporter. Though, he writes more of the gossip column news. Rosie is Matt’s girlfriend. Rosie is tried of the city and dreams of moving to the country. Matt is stuck in his ways and would rather die then move to the country. That all changes when Matt gets the opportunity to write his own column and become a free lance reporter. His first feature will be about life in the country. Rosie could not be happier.

Samantha Villers is an actress. Lately, her career has become almost non-existent. With her husband, Guy’s failing health and failing career, Samantha needs to do something soon to jump start her on the fast path again. Samantha comes up with the idea to move to the country. There she hopes to find some inspiration. Things are about to get wild in Eight Mile Bottom.

Farm Fatale reminded me of the Chevy Chase movie, Funny Farm. Though, I thought this book could have been a bit funnier. There were some laughs to be had. Don’t get me wrong as I liked this book but just wasn’t in love with it. I liked Rosie a lot but besides her, there weren’t a lot of the main characters I could get into. Rosie had a heart of gold. Samantha seemed a little too much into herself, which I didn’t care for. I thought the postman was a hoot. He was so noisy but didn’t care. I may try Wendy Holden again in the future.

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