She wants What is Hers!

I want to thank Cynthia with SterlingHouse Publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Wrath has no fury like a woman’s scorn. This is Miriam Hunter’s motto.

Miriam had the ultimate life…a husband and a perfect son. This all changed when she was dropped for a younger, beautiful woman. She has been run out of town by her ex-husband. She would like nothing more than to get even with her ex and be with her son again.

When Michael Hunter discovers his father’s new wife, Susan is cheating on him with his good friend Tony; Michael knows this information is too good to keep to himself. He tells his mother with he saw. Miriam is now really seeing red. Her ex dumps her for a younger woman for what…just so she can cheat on him. Miriam wants back what is hers and you better not get in her way.

What is Hers is a pretty good book. I say this only because I was expecting it to have lots more intense suspense and it didn’t. What it did have though was some very interesting group of characters and a simple but intriguing plot. All the characters though reminded me of soap opera characters. This is not a bad thing, I just found it funny. To be honest anyone reading this book will know instantly who the culprit is doing things in this book but for me it wasn’t about that…it was about finding a quick book where I could get away for a little while. So if you are looking for a something to read other than romance, check out What is Hers.


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