Bella Ella

I want to thank J Lou McCartney for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Ten years ago, Ella Reynolds and her friends were just hanging out having fun in London, England when Ella met the dashing Dante Moretti. Dante enchants Ella from the first moment he meets her. It seems like these two are great together but Dante gets called away from their date and Ella does hear from or see from Dante again.

Before Ella can contemplate what happened, she receives she terrible news involving her father. With her father gone, Ella inherits their car company. First she has to learn the ropes. Marcus, a man who works for the company and who her father trusted is in charge of teaching Ella all about the business.

Dante may just be a hit man for the Mafia but he has a secret. One that will have everyone involved fighting for their lives. Ella doesn’t know it but her life is about to change and maybe not for the best.

This book starts out with a huge explosion…literally. Ella and a friend have only seconds to find shelter, before the place they were hiding at was shot at. Ok, so if you think this isn’t high-intensity action than Bella Ella is not the book for you but I you crave this type of drama than you should read Bella Ella. Though I do have to warn you that there is some graphic images as well as vulgar language used by the characters in this story.

I could see why Ella fell for Dante, as he was smooth and handsome. Underneath all of his tough guy exterior, I do believe that he is a nice guy. He just got caught up with the Mafia and they can make even the nicest of guys mean. At the same time, I did think Marcus was a good guy for Ella. Just like the last book, J Lou McCartney has a smash hit on her hands with Bella Ella.


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