The Lost Sister

I want to thank Elizabeth Weed with Weed Literary, LLC for sending me a copy of this book to review.

The Lost Sister continues after the horrific incident that took place on Halloween night leaving one girl to disappear and never be seen from again. The Sisters of Misery were involved.

Maddie Crane has finally escaped The Sisters of Misery and Hawthorne, Massachusetts to attend an exclusive boarding school in Maine. Unfortunately, someone has found Maddie, when she receives a tarot card that represents death. Maddie can’t forgive herself for what happened to her sister, Cordelia. Maybe that is why she won’t stop looking for her till she finds her.

Maddie returns home to care for her mother. Maddie better watch herself as The Sisters of Misery will do anything to bring down anyone who opposes them.

I liked seeing The Sisters of Misery, Maddie and the rest of the characters again. Though I have to admit that I loved Sisters of Misery just a little better. Only because it was darker. It was great that Maddie grew more and stood up for herself against Kate. She really put Kate in her place towards the end of the story. One thing that The Lost Sister story did that I enjoyed is that it filled in the pieces of the past to explain how all the characters got to where they are today. I hope to see Maddie, Cordelia and the rest of The Sisters of Misery again. Megan Kelley Hall has clemented her name as an author to watch out for!


M.A.D. said…
Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I've not previously heard of this book or the Misery Sisters series, although it sounds good :)
Good review - you made me curious to try some new reads! LOL
Becky LeJeune said…
I thought Sisters was darker as well, even though this one seemed more paranormal than the previous one. The tone was different for me. Fun reads, though, and my sisters loved them.

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