What season is it...Its The Widow's Season!

I want to thank Laura Brodie for sending me a copy of her book to review.

It has been three months since Sarah McConnell’s husband, David was last seen alive. He went camping and kayaking. He never returned and his body was never found. Since than Sarah has been seeing David almost everywhere. First it was at the super mart, then on her front porch and finally at the cabin where David had been staying, while he was camping.

Sarah evens finds herself having conversations with David as if he were alive. That can’t be possible through as David is dead or is it? David’s body has never been recovered thus far.

If you found the book cover for this book as hauntingly beautiful as I did then you are going to love The Widow’s Season. Laura Brodie did a wonderful job with this novel. I had no expectations, what so ever on what I would think about this book. After reading it, I find myself still in a memorizing daze. This is a good thing. The Widow’s Season is a tragic love story that will have you glued to your seat, taking it all in till the very last page.

What really drew me in and clinched it for me was the storyline. I could tell if David was really alive or dead. Every time I would start to think I had it figured out, then something would happen and I would be left wondering again. I was glad how this story ended. I am anxious to see what Mrs. Brodie comes up with for her next fiction novel.


Anonymous said…
The book sounds as beautiful as the cover.
The Bookworm said…
this sounds really good and the cover is great.

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