Can I Get a Lift?

I want to thank author, Rebecca K. O'Connor for sending me a copy of her bookto review. Keep a watch out for this book, which releases in November.

Ok, so what is Lift? Lift is author, Rebecca K. O’Connor’s memoir regarding her love for Peregrine Falcons. When Rebecca was just a little girl, she got a chance to see a Peregrine Falcon up close. Ever since that moment she knew she had found her dream job. She raising and trains Peregrine Falcons. She has attended many events. People who raise Peregrines are called a “Falconer”.

These people are very special. I don’t say this because it takes a lot to get chosen to be a falconer but because it requires you to have a lot of patience and dedication to train a peregrine. This book didn’t really read like the type of memoirs that I am used to reading. I usually stray from memoirs only because if not written and done right, these books can be dull and uninteresting. I am excited to say that Lift does not fall in this category. Lift gives you wings to soar, far above the clouds.

Rebecca fuses her life story about how her love grew into a reality. There were some funny, sad and proud moments in this book. I thought one of my favorite times was when Rebecca was just a little girl and her grandfather told her that if she threw salt at some birds and if the salt landed on their tail, they would not be able to fly away and she could keep it. Sadly to say, this was not true. After reading Lift, I appreciate peregrine falcons more than I did before. This is a good book.


ParaJunkee said…
Thanks for this review Cheryl. My brother was a falconer for the USAF Academy, he is always a hard guy to buy gifts for since he is always on the move. He's leaving soon for his second tour in Iraq, I now know what book to send with him.
Cheryl said…
Naida - I hope you check this book out.

ParaJunkee - Wow that is great your brother used to be a falconer. I wish him a safe and speedy trip back.
Anonymous said…
Cheryl: Glad to find another reviewer of Rebecca's book and to see we both liked it!

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