The Holy Bullet

I want to thank Tony with Blue Dot Literary for sending me a copy of this book to review.

This book starts out with an important event that rocked the world.

The year is 1981. The day is May 13. A day people will remember for a long time. Pope John Paul, the second was shot at by Mehmet Ali Agca. Mehmet tried to assassinate the Pope. He was captured and questioned.

This story than flashes forward to the present day, where members of a secret group, known as The Holy Alliance and a group of others that include Sarah Monterio, a journalist, Marius Ferris, a retired priest as well as a few others that are trying to solve the mystery of what really happened to Pope John Paul, the first. History has it that Pope John Paul, the first died of a heart attack after serving in office for only thirty-three days. Though with any famous person, there was great controversy as to the real cause of death. Can this group of people solve the mystery of Pope John Paul, the first’s death?

The Holy Bullet seemed like it was suppose to be about Pope John Paul, the second but to me this book more focused on Pope John Paul, the first. This book started out a little backwards for me. I as to believe that this secret group was solving the true cause of Pope John Paul’s death in order to prevent his successor, Pope John Paul, the second but this story started out with the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul, the second and than flashed back to the events leading up to and after Pope John Paul, the first’s passing. I did find the storyline interesting but I wished that it flowed better. It flashed back a lot throughout the book and I had a little bit of an issue following it. Also I wished the characters had captivated me more. Overall through I did not think this was too bad of a book.


Linda Jacobs said…
Sometimes I think authors try to get too fancy or unique with the way they tell their stories. Occasionally it works, but often it's just confusing and annoying.

Thanks for your great and honest review!

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