Rules of Vengeance

Rules of Vengeance is the sequel to Rules of Deception by author, Christopher Reich. Luckily this book can be read as a stand alone novel. I didn't find anything missing by having not read the first book. Mr. Reich did a very nice job incorporating events from the prior novel into this current one.

Dr. Jonathan Ransom's wife Emma has been missing for quite some time now. After her disappearance, Dr. Ransom was shocked to learn that the woman he thought was his wife all this time, has been using him as a cover and is really a international agent.

Now Dr. Ransom is being drawn into Emma's world. Dr. Ransom is in London for a medical conference. While in London a car full of foreign diplomats is bombed. A witness not only puts Dr. Ransom at the scene but as the main suspect. The officials want answers and they want them now. Dr. Ransom knows the authorities have the wrong man. He knows this because...he saw Emma at the scene of the crime! Now it is a race against the clock as Dr. Ransom trails after Emma with the authorities hot on his trail.

This story started out strong but lost some of its luster in the middle and ended on a high note. I liked that this story line had Dr. Ransom traveling all over the place. This book definitely had action and intrigue. What I am really looking for in my thrillers are ones that can grab me from the very beginning and don't let go till the end. Rules of Vengeance didn't do that for me. The beginning and ending were great but I could easily be distracted while reading this book, which for me is not a good thing. On the other hand though having never read anything by this author, I was impressed by this novel, though I lost some interest. I would still read another one of Mr. Reich's books.


Becky LeJeune said…
Distraction is never a good thing. I read the first book and thought that it was pretty good. I really liked that I was able to get into it, unlike some other espionage titles -- I'm not ashamed to say that I just don't GET a lot of them. They make me feel dumb and his first didn't. So I'm looking forward to this one.
I haven't read his books . . . oh! so many books to read!
The Bookworm said…
this does sound good, even if it slowed down a bit in the middle.
great review.

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