Awaken with a new author!!

I understand these books many not be for everyone but for thoese who enjoy to be enlighten or want to be, than check these books out.

Author, Robin Marvel has written two books for children both geared towards boys and girls. I asked Robin to explain why she wrote these books and her answer was...

"Awakening Consciousness A Girl's Guide!" and "Awakening Consciousness A Boy's Guide!" were written to encourage confidence and strength within children everywhere. Often as children we are taught limitations and that it is so important to "fit" in. With my guides I give children the opportunity to love who they are without fear and stand tall in who they are. With hands on activities "The Awakening Consciousness" workbooks will encourage a strong sense of self within all.

So I hope you are now enlightened or at least will check out Robin Marvel's website.


Stephanie said…
These books look intriguing! Thank you for introducing this writer. :-)

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