A must have for high school and college students!

I want to thank Anna with FSB Associates for sending me a copy of this book to review.

My review

You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way: Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates is sort of a handbook/workbook all rolled up into one. Mr. Parrish writes this book ideally for high school and college age students in mind. Though adults can learn and take away things from this book

I like that it was very easy to read. Each chapter is broken out into different topics like Human Relations, Making you dreams come true, and dating, marriage and parenting are just a few of the subjects touched on in this guide. At the beginning of each chapter, Mr. Parrish explains what the objective is for that chapter. He than shares true events that happened to him. Than the subject matter is broken down into sections. Those sections explain why it is important for eye contact, listening, etc. The reader follows the steps on how to help them achieve these skills or goals.

This book is very interactive as there are quizzes throughout this book. You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way: Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates would make a perfect gift for any young adult just learning how to make their own way in the real world, especially now in these times. Pick up two copies of this book today as you will want to keep one for yourself.


By J.R. Parrish, Author of You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way: Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates

Some people can see at a glance what others cannot see with microscope and telescope. This article is for parents and it is a whispering. Whisperings are subtle, quiet and hardly noticeable, but they are very important. Some people notice when the breeze picks up or a few raindrops fall, while others don't pay attention until they are hit by a hurricane or flood.

The reason I wrote You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way was to help young adults who wanted to get ahead in life by teaching them four of life's most important lessons for success that are still not taught in school. As time has passed I have realized that the real audience for the book should be their parents. Since parents were not taught these things in school they cannot teach it to their children and that is where the learning process begins.

As a parent you may be thinking, "What is it that I was not taught?" You were not taught the power of your thoughts and that your entire future would depend on how you think. You were not taught what to think and why. You were not taught that your thoughts are your preview of your life's coming attractions and never to think anything about yourself that you don't want to be true. That how you think is a habit. That good habits are the key to all success and bad habits are the unlocked door to failure. That most habits are formed without your realizing it.

The habits that would lead to your success and the ones that would cause you to fail and how to acquire the right ones and eliminate the bad ones. That 80% of your success would depend on your human relations skills. What makes up those skills and how to acquire them. The greatest need of every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth after they have food, clothing and shelter. (If you knew the greatest need of everyone think how easy it would become to win with them). That you have an abundance of what other people want and yet share very little of it and why. That the "Golden Rule" is not the best rule. People do not want to be treated the way you want to be treated, they want to be treated the way THEY want to be treated. One of the worst mistakes we make is thinking others want to be treated the same as us. The six step process that will allow you to make your dreams come true. That people who feel sorry for themselves should. The root of anger and how to eliminate it from your life. The "Better World Theory". How to choose the drivers seat rather than the passenger seat in life. That it is not your circumstances that determine your future.

I could go on, but by now I hope you can hear the whispering and want to learn these things so you can teach them to your children and those you love and want to help. This will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your child or loved one. It will help you and them succeed in every aspect of life and achieve more than you ever thought possible. If learning these things could take me from milkman to top salesman for a Fortune 500 company, to founder of one of the most successful commercial real estate firms in Silicon Valley, to retirement in Hawaii at age 55, imagine what it can do for you.


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This looks like a terrific book for young adults. Thanks!

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