Love can be Scary

One of my favorite erotic authors, Cheryl Dragon has a bunch of books releasing. Love is Scary is one of them. She is the only author so far that can make me read m/m and futuristic books and enjoy them.

My review

Ryan Elliott and Wes Taylor couldn’t be more different. Ryan works for a corporation, attends business meetings, and wears suits and ties. On the other hand, Wes is a handyman (of sorts), wears jeans and is not afraid to show is feelings.

Ryan decided to embark on a new adventure. He brought a cheap, old house in Vegas. Ryan wants to turn it into a haunted house. Ryan has some ideas but he knows exactly the right man for the job. Ryan saw one of Wes’s haunted house creations in New Orleans and was so impressed. Wes agrees to come down to Vegas and help Ryan. Once Wes arrives it is instant attraction.

Ms. Dragon does it again…she combines hot, steamy sex with some good old fashion tricks or is it treats? Either way, Love is Scary is a delicious quickie read! Ryan and Wes work well together. Wes helps Ryan learn to loosen up and Ryan helps Wes by being his rock to lean on. The plans that Ryan and Wes came up with for the haunted house, sounded so good that I am sorry it isn’t a real place. I would have loved to visit it. Now would really make this book scary is if somehow Mr. Dragon could find a way to incorporate Serena Troy, from the Serena Troy series to come investigate the haunted house due to paranormal activities. This would be great because than I could see one of my favorite characters, Serena and revisit Wes and Ryan again (hint, hint).


Anonymous said…
SOunds like a fun one. Maybe an October read, with the haunted house theme.

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