Book Review: Wicked Love


I never thought I would meet again the stranger hooked up with in a bar one night while pretending to be someone else is standing in front of me. The one I kissed and couldn’t get out of my mind. I thought we would never meet again. How wrong have I been?

Now that circumstances we both dreaded are bringing us into each other’s lives, he won’t talk to me. And even less look at me. Yeah, he kinda figured I lied to him that night. Big time. Until my life derails and I escape away to a far-off place with only one bag and a broken heart. I never thought he’d be the one to come running after me. And protecting me. And I certainly never believed for one second, he would be the guy saving me from my own tragic fate. Together we end up in Mistletoe Creek, a Christmas town, perfect to hide and pretend we mean more to each other than we really do. 

What if, in the end, it isn’t all pretend? Once upon a time…it’s how every good fairytale starts. But these aren’t your childhood fairytales. This holiday season, ten of your favorite authors are spicing up your favorite fairytales all set in the small town of Mistletoe Creek, Tennessee. Grab your cocoa and meet your Prince Charming because happily ever after has a whole new meaning…

My Review

I was expecting a spicy romance but instead got an emotional and beautiful story with some sprinkles of spice. That is something that author, Emmanuelle does do very well is emotional stories. So glad that Joe was there for Grace. Due to the strained relationship, she was dealing with her mom, she definitely portrayed her seventeen-year-old self. 

Joe picked up on Grace's emotional cues very well. So, he knew just what she needed with each situation. When to give her space and when she needed him to hold her. I enjoyed seeing these two together and glad that they got an HEA. 


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