Book Review: Where We Started


Usually, watching a notorious biker club mourn the loss of their beloved president would be a dangerous choice. Ten out of ten do not recommend. Unless of course, you're family. I didn't really consider myself part of my father's legacy, until I found out what he left behind in his will. Property, ten acres to be exact, which included the headquarters for his beloved motorcycle club. I had no idea that by accepting the terms of my inheritance it would thrust me into a battle with the new club president. Wesley Ryan was unfathomably handsome, menacing and formidable in every way. But his derision toward me only made me cling that much tighter to my birthright. That is until he decided to play dirty. Wes didn't just taunt me by bringing up our past, he wanted us to go all the way back to where we started. Back to when we were nine and I was just the girl next door who snuck into his treehouse. Back to when he'd fight the boys who made me cry. Back to when he first kissed me and stole my heart. I had to remember Wes wanted to claim my father's property, not me. I walked away once, I just had to prove I was strong enough to do it again.

My Review

OMG. I absolutely loved this book so much. I devoured it so fast. Wes had my heart, despite him being a bit of a bully towards Callie in the beginning. Yet, I understood why as it was, he was genuinely hurt by Callie as she had broken his heart. 

The chapters when Wes and Callie were younger and how their relationship went from friends to more just endeared me to them both. When Callie read her father's letter, I may have shed a few tears. The angst between these two was hot. I could not get enough and just kept waiting for it to explode and for these two to kiss. Boy was I not disappointed!

I definitely will be continuing this series. Where We Started will make you lose sleep as you will not be able to put this book down!


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