Book Review: Nikolai Petrov


Nikolai: I lost my wife nearly a decade ago in a brutal act of retaliation from a rival family. My years of solitude were spent bathing in the blood of revenge until a tentative peace was made.
It's only after the daughter of my best friend sneaks into my life that I learn how thin that cease-fire really is.
She may be what I need to heal, but will it be at the cost of my empire?

*Please note this portrays dark portions of humanity

- for a complete list of potential triggers, please visit the author's web page at

My Review

Yes, yes, yes! That is my first thought after reading this novella. My second thought is ...Daddy Nikolai! I am so excited to read all these novellas about the Petrov Family. If they are half as steamy as this one, I am in for a real treat. 

The way that Nikolai protected Natalia is HOT. He unlived people for touching her and crossing him. Natalia made the right choice in running from her evil family. What she found with Nikolai is what us "good" girls crave. I could not get enough of Nikolai aka Daddy. He makes sure to pleasure Natalia. 


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