Book Review: Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 3


Kennedy has brought a wealth of quality anthologies to the horror genre over the years. It’s no secret he has a taste for Christmas horror. This year he brings you another collection of dark Christmas tales from some of his favourite authors. Grab yourself some hot cocoa, dim the lights, get yourself comfy, sit back and enjoy.

My Review
This collection of short, horror stories centered around Christmas is just what I needed. I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection. They are the stuff of nightmares. Not your children's bedtime stories. Not unless you want them to stop believing in Santa. 

There is a story about a 911 operator that helps the dead, a boy who gets lost in a snowstorm and meets Krampus, another boy who meets an ax wielding man dressed as Santa, or how about Santa tripping on LSD! 

No matter what your dark cravings are, there are stories for everyone who likes their Christmas to be "black". 


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