Book Review: Moments of Mayhem

Title: Moments of Mayhem
Series: The Hunters
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2023
Cover Design: Hang Le

We met for the first time in high school.
As adults, we married. But it was all fake.
The wedding, us, what he did for a job. None of it was real.
Except it was.
They say he’s nothing but Mayhem, yet when he’s with me, he’s my salvation. Everything I need and more. The problem is…
He has a fascination for blood.
I can’t handle it, in more ways than one.
He has a fascination for me.
I hate it, even though I can’t stop thinking about him either.
Some people should not be together, and that’s us; we could never work.
But letting go is impossible when my serial killer of a husband is determined to prove me wrong.

My Review

I have fallen hard for The Hunters brothers since the first book. While I loved the other brothers, I think with this book, Kenzo won me over the most. Yes, he and Mayve had HOT s#x but it was the emotions that really did it in for me. The fact that Kenzo was blown away by the emotions he was experiencing when it came to Mayve was endearing.

To see a tough guy like Kenzo deleting Mayve's IG account because he only wants to be the one to see her pictures or letting his guard down when it came to bringing down his targets and having his brothers call him out on it was entertaining. Through the blood and mayhem, Kenzo and Mayve have their HEA.

I absolutely devoured this book! Moments of Mayhem is a 5++ read!

★★★★★ “100% YES!!!! TL Smith has come through again for us Hunter fan girls.” - Jenn (Goodreads)
★★★★★ “T.L Smith knocked it out of the park once again.” - Heather (Goodreads)

USA Today Best Selling Author T.L. Smith loves to write her characters with flaws so beautiful and dark you can’t turn away. Her books have been translated into several languages. If you don’t catch up with her in her home state of Queensland, Australia you can usually find her travelling the world, either sitting on a beach in Bali or exploring Alcatraz in San Francisco or walking the streets of New York.



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