Book Review: A Fellowship of Bakers & Magic


A human, a dwarf and an elf walk into a bake-off…

In the heart of Adenashire, where elfish enchantments and dwarven delights rule, Arleta Starstone, a human confectionist works twice as hard perfecting her unique blend of baking and apothecary herbs.

So when an orc neighbor secretly enters her creations into the prestigious Elven Baking Battle, Arleta faces a dilemma.

Being magicless, her participation in the competition could draw more scowls than smiles. And if Arleta wants to prove her talent and establish her culinary reputation, this human will need more than just her pastry craft to sweeten the odds.

While competing, she'll set off on a journey of mouthwatering pastries, self-discovery, heartwarming friendships and romance, while questioning whether winning the Baking Battle is the true prize.

Escape to for a delightful cozy fantasy where every twist is a treat and every turn a step closer to home.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book so much. It was the characters that really made the story for me. When I am so attached to the characters, it makes the book such a joy to read. I like that Arleta and Theo shared a slow burn romance as opposed to an instalove. It made it so much more believable to me. 

Doli and Jez are great. Instantly, I liked them both. It was fun to see them and Arleta competing in the Elven Baking Battle together. Even if there could only be one winner. Taenya is hoping to win for a third time.

Reading this book made my sweet tooth so hungry. It was like I could smell everything that was being baked and taste it. In fact, I just wanted to reach into the pages and grab the baked goodies. I hope to seeing this group again in the future. 


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