Book Review: Elemental Arrangement

 Willow Karson put up for adoption for the better good of her coven, crashes into St. Elmo, Colorado-- Mystic Falls Coven-- Where she learns about a fate foretold within a prophecy.

Her life is saved by the four elemental men-- Zaire, Soto, Forest and Blaze.
They know more than she knows, as they lived with the Elder and the stories he told.
Willow is put through tests to determine her self worth and pushes her self even further,
And finds a little conflict with Zaire's twin brother.
Her path to recovery and the struggles it takes,
leads her to determine and pave the way to her own fate.
Join Willow on her journey to finding herself, her fated destiny, and all the choices she makes.
While in Mystic Coven, Willow will be pressured to make a few choices.
Will the men who saved her life, become her life?

My Review

I did like this book. It had a good storyline and that is what I was drawn too. In regard to why choose stories, I did find it a little more on the lighter side in terms of the heat. The guys are nice and really cared for Willow. Not sure a fan of the instant love. Although, it seems Soto took on a more leader role. 

What I mean by "instant love", is that Willow had just arrived in town and instantly the guys knew she was their mate. They all fell for her and gave her a kiss. I would have liked a bit more build up. Additionally, they seemed to want to speed things along with Willow quickly. I would say that I did like Soto right away and then the rest of the guys were equal in my eyes. 

I am curious as to who is after Willow. Guess will have to find out in book two. 


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