Book Review: The More Beyond


Morton Guthrie is a trust fund baby who doesn’t trust anyone. People disappoint. The world may be an oyster for some, but for her it’s only proven to be empty. Her father is busy with his boyfriends, her mother is occupied having nervous breakdowns. Morton is obsessed with suicide. After two back-to-back attempts, she lands in a psychiatric hospital, and just when she has begun to trust her psychiatrist and herself, her parents invite her to join them in Manhattan for a three-day weekend. They’re staying at The Sherry-Netherland hotel on the twenty-third floor, a long drop. Against Medical Advice, Morton heads to New York in search of parental love, but narcissistic love is conditional, and she is fragile. Will she survive, or is life too big for her? Perhaps happiness for Morton is learning to live with one eye closed.

My Review

I truly felt for Morton. Everything she was doing felt like a big, loud, cry for help. As soon as I met her parents, I felt distain for them. They were so in denial of what she was doing that they just wanted to "pretend" that they were a family with no issues. 

For example: Mortan after surviving her latest attempt goes to visit her parents and the first thing her mom does is have to put on her wig and her father says they need to order room service and then they present her with a diamond necklace from Tiffany's. 

As the story progresses, it does flash backwards so that we the reader get an inside look into Morton's childhood growing up with her parents. It does provide a clearer picture of how her relationship with her parents shaped her into her current life. Reading this book did feel "raw". 


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