Book Review: A Very Terrible Text


Sometimes the thumbs slip…

She’s finally joined the dating app everyone in Cider Cove is raving about…when she accidentally sends a message about wanting to meet up for a first date to her enemy.

I’ve been engaged twice now without becoming a bride, and let’s just say those failures have made me more career-focused than ever.

But I just hit the big 3-0 last year, and I’m feeling…lonely, despite the five best friends I share an enormous house with. I’ve drawn the short stick this time, and I’m dealing with the general contractor about fixing our perpetually leaking roof.


Liam Graff is a complete beast—and our next-door neighbor—which only makes the way we sometimes gather at the upper floor windows to watch him mow his lawn shirtless a little embarrassing.

For him. Not us.

In order to cheer myself up, I join the dating app everyone in town can’t stop talking about, and I’ve been chatting back and forth with Mr. Hottie from one town over.

Great. No, really, it’s great. I’m great. He’s great.

Except I’ve also been texting with Liam about this blasted roof, and my invite for dinner in a slinky black dress goes to him instead of Mr. Hottie…

Before I can correct and explain myself, he responds with, 
What time should I pick you up?

That very terrible text may haunt me for the rest of my life…or change it completely.

My Review

I have read several books by this author. I really enjoy them. This book is the first one in a new series. One that I am going to continue reading. 

Hillary and Liam brought the humor and romance. There is no "he falls first" or "she falls first" as they both feel for each other. They just did not want to admit it to each other first until the accidental text. Which I could feel the spark between them, and it just grew as the story progressed. Hillary and Liam make a good couple. Just ask Hillary's roommates in the Big House. This is one time when texting the wrong person ended up being the right person!


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