Book Review: Viktor


She was supposed to be my enemy, but I couldn't resist her.

My mother was murdered ten years ago from a rival family.

I was relocated to Los Angeles to help run my fathers business.

One night I punished a man who stole from me.

Then I saw his sister, Amaia.

I’m supposed to hate her too, she shares blood with those who killed my mother.

But she became my obsession instead.

I try to keep the truth of her family from her, but when it comes to a war, where will her loyalty lie?

With a family that abandoned her or will she choose me after what I did?

Betrayal is the ultimate sin after all.

My Review

Don't let Amaia fool you as she is feisty. That is why Viktor "Loved" her. Yes, the "L" word. He may not have wanted to admit it at first, but Amaia got to Viktor in a good way. 

Viktor sneaking into Amaia's room while she was sleeping and doing things! Besides being a hardened killer, he has a Jacob's Ladder. Each time with Amaia just got more intense. Yet, I absolutely loved that he recognized that Amaia had body issues and made every effort to show her that she did not need to change a thing about her body. He showed her how he saw her through his eyes. 

This Mafia novella is just how I like my books...gritty, a book boyfriend that I am claiming, and sizzling s@x scenes!


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