Book Review: Gluttony


A Wildes witch cursed me for the massacre my coven was responsible for. I can only drink the blood of the descendants my coven murdered because of bloodlust. Even on the brink of death, I cannot die. I wish for death. I hope for it. And then my beloved finally appears, and he is the very last descendant of the family my own kind killed. His forgiveness will be hard to earn, but his blood? That will be near impossible to get.

My Review

Whenever January writes a new book, I have to get my hands on it to read. This novella is no exception. I read and finished it so quickly. MM readers will want to pick up a copy of this book for themselves. I "ship" Oliver and Ambrose. 

I really felt for Ambrose and his predicament. However, I really appreciated the tender care that he expressed towards Oliver. It made their relationship more than just about "lust". Although, I could feel the strong attraction between Oliver and Ambrose. Every time that they were near each other, I could almost smell Oliver's scent. 


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