Book Feature: Snowed In


Snowed In Why-Choose Anthology
Coming to Zon & KU on December 20th, 2023
A three-volume anthology collection is coming.
This anthology will feature snowed in, why-choose, tinsel-loving characters.
All proceeds from this anthology collection will be split and donated to The Cancer Research Institute and The World Central Kitchen.
Volume 1 will feature dark contemporary romance from these amazing authors:
Luna May & Persephone Steele, Kali Noir, Orion Azure, Carolina Cox, Jay Leigh Brown, Maree Rose, Elizabeth Jones, Jaelle Keyes, Victoria Sue, Des Sweet & Bre Rose, Dani Carr, Harper Ray, Santana Knox & Amy Oliveira, Melody Mode, Poppy Jacobson, Rosie Savage, MP Bates, and Athina Fernwood.
Volume 2 will feature PNR & OV romance from these amazing authors:
Cassandra Featherstone, Sydney St. James, D.E. Scion, R.A. Alyse, Taylor Schafer, Alisha Williams & Cassie Lein, Scarlett Philips & MA Destiny, R.K. Pierce, Jenn Bullard, Kyra Alessy, and Ruby Smoke.
Volume 3 will feature light(er) contemporary romance from these amazing authors:
Ames Mills, Aly Beck & Kotah Jean, Penelope Paige, Jaye Pratt, Whitnay Edes, S.E. Green, Nicole Banks, Amber Nicole, Allie Noel, Anna G Berry, Rachel Callahan, B.E. Fidler, Casiddie Williams, Nikki Leigh, EM Torrey, Gwendolyn Grace, and Maggie McAllister.
Preorder your copies today for only $0.99 each.


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