Book Review: His Last Dare


When the Bad Boy and the Sheriff's Daughter Collide, Will Love Take Over?

Juniper McDaniels, better known as June, has lived her entire life, shunned from her peers because of her father's position as sheriff. No one wants to hangout with the girl whose father could throw them in jail. At the first party she's allowed to attend, before starting her summer before college, she saves a life. Not just anyone's life, but bad boy Jake Jacobson, aka JJ, the guy her father tells her to stay away from. Suddenly, June's social life takes a turn, blossoming as she becomes friends with JJ's best friends, and eventually even the bad boy himself. Can these two deny their attractions for one another, or will they fall into the temptation of the forbidden fruit? Enjoy this small town spicy summer romance between two enemies turned lovers, where the bad boy tries not to fall for the sheriff’s daughter.

My Review

To be honest, in the beginning, I was not a fan of JJ. I thought that he came off as very meanspirited in the fact that June had just saved his life and he was rude to her. So, you could say that I was not feeling the warm and fuzzy vibes between JJ and June at first. After a while and seeing how he did treat June after they got together, he eventually won me over. The romance was a slow burn one that lead into a hot one. 

You want to know who did win me over instantly like she did June's father, Tiffany. She is JJ's friend and is dating Rodney. These two make a good couple. Another person that I wanted to mention is June's father. He may seem very up tight, but his intensions are made with love. 

Back to JJ and June. Their relationship is not an easy one. I mean talk about a cliffhanger ending. I need to read book two to see what happens to JJ and June. 


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