Book Review: Ready or Knot


Omegas are prized. Omegas are valuable. Omegas are desired.

Or so the Council says. I've been suppressing my inherent Omega nature since the damn Council member delivered the news of my designation in the spring of my Senior year of high school. I had dreams. I had travel plans. One stupid packet changed all of it. Mostly.

Four years later, I'm finally letting the Council match me with a pack. One night to determine the rest of my life. I'm skeptical until Logan makes the night fun, Carter makes it unforgettable, and Jude makes it intriguing. The Council pairing me with them is a dream come true.

But what if they don't like me when I'm finally off my suppressors and learning how to be an Omega? What if I'm a terrible Omega? What if they decide to back out?

We have sixty days. By day fifteen, I can't imagine living without them. But will they still want me even after my heat?

My Review

The guys, Jude, Carter, and Logan are so tender towards Fae. She knew when to push and when to move slowly, so as to allow her to move at her own pace. That is what made these guys so endearing to me. 

I was expecting a lot more heat than what I got. The scenes were short but still shattered with hints of spice. I thought this book was more emotional driven and I was here for it. As the story progressed, I saw Fae's demeanor change from timid to a confident woman who had three guys who loved her very much. 

Don't ask me to pick a favorite as each one had their about them that I liked. Just when I would think I had a favorite, one of the other guys would say or touch Fae a certain way and have me swoon. 


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