Wearing the Cape will have you wishing you were a superhero!

The evil Teatime Anarchist has just brought destruction to the city again. Hope Corrigan is a normal eighteen year old girl. She was driving along when she was struck by hundred of pounds of concrete. Hope was lucky to survive. Before she can really comprehend what is happening, she is flown away…literally from the accident.

Hope’s savior is Atlas aka John Chandler. Atlas is a superhero and part of a network of other superheroes. Hope is recruited and becomes the newest superhero. Just call her Astra, which means star.

This book is like a combination of the younger version of the X-Men and the Incredibles. Only these superheroes don’t mind if the public know about them. This book started off with a big bang…literally. While, I liked that the superheroes were made up of all different ages and genders. At times, it felt like there was too much detail. For example, when Hope aka Astra was first learning to become a superhero, I appreciated and understood that there was a lot of training before someone just puts on the suit, cape and mask but I didn’t need several chapters of explanation. A chapter would have been fine with me and even two chapters would have been alright if it was to explain about the other characters powers, which was done but at a later point in the book. I liked Astra as a main character. She is a relatable character and a superhero that readers can get behind and cheer for. Despite some of the little things, this book is a fun read. Wearing the Cape is a book that will have you wishing you were a superhero!


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