Enclave will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Deuce always knew that she was born to be a Huntress, not a Breeder or a Builder. Now, everyone will know Deuce and not look at her as Girl15. Every boy and girl had no name and was just known as boy1 or girl 10 until they turned fifteen. Than, the boy or girl was given a name and put into one of the three groups.

One of the most important tasks that a Hunter is responsible for is venturing outside of the enclave and through the tunnels to hunt for food and bring it back. Though, it is not easy. Once you leave the safety of the enclave a hunter can encounter the vicious Freaks.

Enclave is book one in the Razorland series. A new series for young adults form author, Ann Aguirre. It is based around an apocalyptic world. I must admit that I have tried this author before and was not so much a fan but with Enclave, I was really getting into this book. Deuce is definitely a leader. Though, she had room to grow and I am sure I will see her grow in the next book. I could image this world that Deuce, Fade and the rest of the others lived in. The Freaks were some scary creatures. I don’t think they were human. The Freaks reminded me of the creatures in the movie “The Descent”. This book also had a bit of the feel of the movie “Pitch Black” featuring Vin Diesel. I am pumped for the next book. Enclave will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!


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