Review by Nancy

Panjandrum by J.J. Telly (book 1 of the Aerolith Adventures)

All good little girls go to bed at night and wake up to see their parents. However…Gelsem was a very good child and it didn’t work out for her. She wakes up in a wooden stall on a Level she’s never been to before.

Gelsem’s land is made up of many levels. She was born and partly raised (being only 13) on Level Gee where everything begins with “G”. (Her brother Gary, sister Glory, etc.) Animals begin with G, as does everything else. So, where is Gelsem now? After a bit of looking around she discovers she has been kidnapped and dropped off on Level Pee. AKA Penitentiary Level. Oopsie!

Being sent on her way by a stall-keeper at the Market, she immediately gets herself in trouble. She is hungry, lonely, scared and cannot for the life of her find a Toilet. Potty, rather. She meets many odd characters on her journey and is finally picked up by a group of teens called the Parasitic Punks. Best not to ask. They are all determined to leave Level Pee and find either their homes or other worlds which should be much more caring and comfortable. But will they all be able to leave? That is the question.

And this YA novel answers it perfectly. The kids are great, each written with his or her own foibles and issues. The bad guys are pretty dastardly and I know any young reader who picks this up will boo and hiss right along with me when they appear to be winning. Go out and get this for some kid’s summer reading program. They’ll even talk to you later! Hopefully, book 2 will follow quickly!!


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