Love You More

Tessa Leoni is a state trooper and single mother to six year old, Sophie. The first time Tessa met Brian Darby was at a neighborhood party. It was not long after that Tessa and Brian got married and became a family. So what went wrong? What could cause Tessa to shot and kill her husband? Also, Sophie is missing.

D.D. Warren teams up with her former lover, Bobby Dodge. Together they must fine Sophie before it is too late.

It has been a while since I have read a book by author, Lisa Gardner. I have to say that this book blow me away. I plan to not let a lot of time lapse between books. D.D. and Bobby really played off each other well. D.D. was actually the “bad” cop of the two. She really wanted to show that she still has it and can be tough as nails. If you thought that having a murder suspect being a woman would gain any symphony from another woman, especially a woman cop than you would be wrong. Or at least when it came to D.D. Warren. While it was good to see Bobby and D.D. Warren together again, it did feel like they were about two steps behind putting the whole story together. This book started out with a bang and ended on a good note. Parts of this book were told in the first person by Tessa. This is where I felt the story was the strongest. It helped me become closer to Tessa. I don’t think that I could love this book any more than I did.


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