Daddy Left Me Alone With God

Review by Nancy

Passing for “thirty-seven in candlelight” Annie is chaperoning her two children on a country-wide tour with the Phil Klein School of Rock. From Pennsylvania this isn’t really her world. But it was. Once.

Annie spent a lot of time when she was seventeen with her dad. Who dealt coke to any and everyone. He was a drugged-out jazz musician from the beginning who didn’t want to be a father, much less a husband. Separated from Annie’s mom, she was sent to NYC to live with him as a wake-up call – and to get her away from Johnny who has suddenly become her soul-mate. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Daddy was dealing to GOD (aka Mick Saunders) and he was Annie’s hero/savior/lust bunny.

When Annie goes to help Dad deliver, she stays with God. And then stays for months until her mother becomes ill and she has to return home to care for her and to confront John. Mick was off on tour and it’s been twenty years since they have spoken.

The Phil Klein kids are his opening act and they rock! This story does as well with Annie torn between being a wife and mother vs Annie the Ultimate Groupie with Mick. The problems of babysitting teenagers a long way away from their parents arise and we doubt Mick and Annie will ever be able to pull off their reunion. And John, who Annie did marry, keeps calling. What to do?

What YOU should do is get this book immediately as the plot is great, the characters interact so well and even Phil the jerk gets page time. Plus, you’ve gotta reminisce about the music! Trust me, you’ll love it!


GC SMITH said…
Sounds like good stuff. I'll get it.

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