Wayward Son

Review by Nancy (My Friend and Fellow Reviewer)

Amanda, budding archaeologist; goes to Italy to assist in what just may be the Find of a lifetime. Or, it just may end her life. When asked by her ex-love Juan Carlos to fly over and assist in reading a set of panels Amanda jumps at the chance to get away for awhile and to see if there is possibly something left of an old flame.

The panels are massive but Amanda is able to decipher the lettering and to also solve the puzzle to open the doors. So far so good. Then things get really interesting. She is wandering around in a huge chamber when she begins to have a vision. Not fairies and dragons; not vampires or werewolves. Nope.

This is a vision of the life and times of Cain. Yes, THAT CAIN. You thought he killed Abel and just fell off the face of the earth, huh? Well, he certainly didn’t do that. Cain was cursed with eternal life by God. He couldn’t be killed and went on to become an engineer, boat-builder, map maker and numerous other things. Until he has a chance encounter with a certain carpenter form Nazareth.

Cain lived many centuries and made a difference in each of them in some positive way. He always tried to make up for killing his brother, even if it was an accident (maybe). Amanda learns the truth of many, many things during her visions, the last of which may be the most shocking.

I didn’t like this book at first. I was all caught up in the Amanda story when it switched over to Cain and I felt that it was a bit off-putting. I tried several times to read enough of this book to decently review it and let it go but I couldn’t. I kept coming back to the tale and its characters, biblically and historically correct in most places (great job of research, by the way!) until I found it was over. You may not like biblical history but you9 will LOVE the story of Cain, who killed his brother and spent eons repenting his sin.


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