Sisters of the Sari had charm.

Kiria knew that if she was going to vacation in India that she would not go to any of the most popular places. She would go to the southern area of India. Kiria soon realized that she was out of her element. Lucky for her that Santoshi was there to help her. When Kiria learns where Santoshi lives, she comes up with the idea of building a hotel for independent, women like Santoshi. Will Kiria achieve her goal or will the hotel go crumbling down before it is even started?

I liked the ethnic feel to the story. I did get a real good outlook of India and all the interesting people that Kiria met there. Kiria was a very personable character. Here she was a wealthy woman that entered another country. She could have flaunted her money around but she didn’t. She was frugal with her money expect where the women’s hostel was involved. While, I did enjoy Kiria and the location, other than this two things and Santoshi, I would not have kept reading this book. I did not find the other characters as interesting. Sisters of the Sari had charm.


voxnewman said…
Interesting. I too like the idea that the book takes place in India.
Cheryl said…
I have read several books that take place in India. My favorite is Learning in English

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