Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses is a refreshing, yummy read.

Young, William Karl Ritter was getting ready for school like any other day. Only this day was different. There is something odd about Old Man Pratt, Will’s next door neighbor. His skin seems to be whiter and drier than usual. Though this is not what is different. He is grumpy but that is nothing new. The “dead” giveaway that something is up with Old Man Pratt is the beetles and the rotten flesh smell. Old Man Pratt is a Corpse. Things get weirder when Will arrives at school. The teachers are Corpses as well. Will escapes with the help of another student. Will is brought to a hideout location. This is where Will learns that he has the gift of “sight”. He can see the Corpses. Will is recruited as the newest member of the Undertakers. They are mainly formed by a group of children and they are the only defense against the Corpses.

You could tell that this book was written and geared towards younger readers like middle school age. The way Will talked and acted. I like that the children were the main heroes and not the adults. While there were a few adults they were not the main focus. It was the Undertakers and the Corpse. Don’t call them Zombies. There is a difference. The Corpses are stronger and smart. The pace of this book is fast. There is lots of action, The characters are relatable, which is a good thing. You always want characters that you can cheer for. Will is a leader. If you want to get into this series, now is the time as this book is book one. Undertakers: Rise of the Corpses is a refreshing, yummy read.

You like what you read? Well I have 2 copies of this book to giveaway to readers. Open to US and Canada only. Leave a email address. Also tell me you favorite zombie/Corpse book or series. Ends June 5th.


Heidi V said…
The Walking Dead is my favorite.

heidivargas at live dot com
Julie S said…
Sounds great! Loved the Walking Dead show.

Anonymous said…
I liked The Walking Dead. Thanks for the giveaway!

vanessanicole21 at yahoo dot com
Love the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton

simplyjessiey2 at aol dot com
SandyG265 said…
Feed by Mira Grant is my favorite.

sgiden at verizon.net
Jenn said…
The First Chronicles of Nick book was really good. That kind of has zombies in it.
jennlovesed14 at gmail
hamna said…
Agreed with Jenn!
The First Chronicles of Nick were one of my FAVES.

SusieBookworm said…
Thanks for the giveaway! The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies series is my favorite.

susanna DOT pyatt AT student DOT rcsnc DOT org
Cheryl said…
Ooh, thanks all for your comments. I will have to check them out. Good luck
cfcbc said…
The Walking Dead was Great !!!
Undertakers sounds really great !!! hope to win a copy !!!

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