The Case for Falling in Love

In The Case for Falling in Love, Mari helps show readers that everything you read in self-help books can actually sometimes be damaging versus helping you. Yes, you could follow the advice in these books if you want to get a guy or girl but what if you are looking for”love”? I am not talking about the stuff you read in romance novels, though we would all like to have that but I am talking about “real” love.

Each chapter starts out with a Myth and a Fact like the following examples:

Myth: Men prefer women who let them take the lead.

Fact: Many quality men are looking for an equal relationship with a competent and independent woman.

Myth: The best way to win a man’s heart is to play into his fantasies of femine desirability.

Fact: This is one of the best ways to get your heart broken.

I can say that the first myth and fact are true I asked my husband with choice he would prefer and he picked the Fact about an equal relationship. While, the tips in this book were not so new, it was nice to read that the saying “Be yourself” still holds true. One thing that I did like about this book was Mari sharing actual events that either happened to her or her friends. This helped to show that what she was saying was not just her teaching something that was not achievable. The Case for Falling in Love is a book that everyone could benefit from.


Cheryl said…
It is an interesting read.

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