Untamed Highlander

The warriors have escaped Deirdre’s grasp. Now that she has been defeated for the current moment. While checking for survivors, they come across an injured woman. Hayden for some unexplained reason feels very protective of this woman. Though, when he learns that she is a druid, Hayden’s feelings toward her are still of lust but he also is guarded around her. His family was destroyed by druid magic.

Isla is a druid but she was just a prisoner of Deirdre’s as the MacLeods and the rest of the warriors. Isla knows that every moment that she is recovering that Deirdre is as well. Though, there is one upside to staying with the MacLeod’s…Hayden. Isla can not deny the lust she sees in his eyes every time he looks at her.

Untamed Highlander is book four of the Dark Sword series. While each book can be enjoyed on its own, these books really should be read in order starting with book one, Dangerous Highlander. It was great to visit with all the warriors and see them band together even more against Deirdre. The passion between Hayden and Isla was sizzling off the pages of this book! Hayden only needed to look at Isla and he was already undressing her with his eyes. I am jealous of the women in these books. All the warriors are some good man candy. Though, I don’t like Deirdre, I am glad to see that she survived. This means that there are more books to continue in this series. I am addicted to this series and can not get enough. Untamed Highlander is worthy of a spot on by bookshelf.


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