How to Do Everything and Be Happy

Are you unhappy with your life? Do you wish that you could take a happy pill and things would magically be like sunshine and rainbows? Well it can be. Ok, so maybe not really but you do deserve to be happy. We all do!

In author, Peter Jones book, How to Do Everything and Be Happy, Mr. Jones helps provide you with the tools to make some changes in your life and start doing the things you want to do and not what you have to do. First off, I do want to warn you that Mr. Jones does not make you promises or try to preach to you, he only shares with you his experiences and what he did that helped make a difference. What you decide to do with this information in this book is up to you. I can tell you though that I was not finished reading this book and already I was talking to my co-worker about it.

In this book, Mr. Jones breaks out into different topics. The first is General Unhappiness. He explains how important it really is to have a even Work/Life balance. One of the saying in the book that I liked was “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” Mr. Jones shares that when his wife was alive, he and her would have their own “Boxing Day”. This is the day, when they would do whatever they wanted…unplanned. This is the key to Boxing day…whatever you want to do have to be unplanned. There are three rules to having you own “Boxing Day”.
Rule 1 –no pre planning
Rule 2 plan the date
Rule 3 you can move the day but you can not cancel it

How to Do Everything and Be Happy is an insightful book. I think everyone should check out.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for a great review Cheryl - most appreciated. The paperback will be out on the 15th of June but in the meantime if your readers haven't got a kindle they can find out how to get the ebook on their iphone, blackberry, nook, ipad etc by visiting my website - All the best - Peter

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