Jake Daniels was involved in a really bad car accident. One that he should not have survived. It might have been better if Jake had died. Since the accident, Jake has been experiencing some odd symptoms. One is the reoccurring dream that he has of the accident that involves Jake disemboweled from himself and mysterious woman who is trying to tell Jake something. Jake feels a strong pull to learn the truth behind the accident and who the mysterious woman is and her involvement.

Jake goes on a road trip to interview the other people who saw or were in the accident like Jimmy Harrison, the driver. Jake is not very religious but he could not deny some of the signs…the blinding lights, the woman, the 911 call prior to the accident. Jake starts researching on the topic of angels.

This book had a bit of the Mothman Prophecies feel to it. The movie that featured Richard Gere and Debra Messing. It had a nice, steady, and even pace to the story line. I like seeing how Jake processed all the information and the experiences that he heard from other people that he met and interviewed. Though for those who are not very religious as well, you might not like this book. The story does tend to come off a little preachy, with references to scripture. Jake was a good character. I like that he started out with no subjection to the matter of angels and kept an open mind. I just kept reading and telling myself…just one more sentence, just one more sentence. Messengers is worth your time and money.


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